Monday, January 30, 2012

Here I Sit in Albuquerque

You have not heard from me for several days.  Just didn’t feel like writing.  The Phoenix show turned out to be a disappointment.  Enough said about that.  The last night we drove to Flagstaff and the next morning (Sunday) to Albuquerque.  We picked up our products from Sonja as she has decided not to do any more shows for us.

Virginia fixed us a great home cooked meal of pot roast, potatoes, and salad; it does not get any better than that.  We get so tired of eating in restaurants when we are traveling. Today we will spend the day exploring Santa Fe, with Mike and Virginia.  I will be posting pictures so watch my personal Facebook page.  Later this evening I will share them on Quilter’s Rule’s page.

We have one more show to do this week and then it is off to home.  I have determined I do not do well with four shows in a row.  I don’t think I will let that happen again.  So today is a play day for us.  The first since we started this trip on the 9th of January.  So far we have put almost 2000 miles on the truck.  Loaded in and out three times.  I am absolutely convinced we need a day off.


  1. I was a the show in Phoenix. Show was busy with lots of interesting things. I specifically looked for your booth - I have read about your templates and was very interested in seeing them up close and maybe even getting a demo. I was to your booth twice and on both occasions there was no indication that anyone was willing to explain or show me anything. Your products are pricey and I am not willing to lay out the money unless I am sure I can use the templates.

    1. I am sorry you experienced difficulties at our booth. I know that other Canadian customers did not have a problem as we sold product to several of them from British Columbia. Our products are priced lower than our competition for similiar fuctions. We do not push ourselves on our customers we ask if they need assistance, when they say they are just looking we allow them to look. Again, I am sorry you experienced difficulties as it was not our intention.