Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is Why You Always Plan Extra Time

Yesterday was one of those mixed blessing days.  Got up early and had a quick breakfast at the hotel and started for Joplin, MO to visit with the Kings. Should have a easy day for us.  But, by the time we got half way to Joplin, we were having trouble with the trailer.  The breaks were not working properly and the trailer was not pulling well.  We called Richard and asked him about a reliable place to take the trailer to have it checked.

Richard made arrangements for us to go to Mid America RV.  Well, there we were in Joplin, trailer not well and still 5 hours to OKC.  And we needed to be ready to unload at 9AM on Wednesday morning.  And it is 11AM in the morning.  22 hours until our plans go totally up in smoke.  We have until 4PM to cancel our room reservation.  Things are beginning to look a bit tight and expensive.  Remember we just put new breaks on the trailer.

So off we go with Richard and Sandy to tour the devastation left behind by the tornado last spring.  It is so sad to see block after block with no homes and all the trees were destroyed.  You can see some new homes going in to replace what was there.  Richard and Sandy had to raze their home and with luck they will begin to rebuild in the next couple of weeks.  Joplin lost so much.  I simply can not conceive of what it would be like to lose everything so quickly.  The Kings are doing well.  They don’t like their insurance company.  But they are doing well and starting over. 

My mind has not been on the trailer for a few hours and it is now 2PM and I call to see if we need to start changing our plans.  The brakes are okay and just needed to be adjusted.  The wheel bearing are not okay and need to be replaced.  They have to find replacement bearings because they only have two and we need three.  As it turns out they can find it and go to get it.  Nothing on a trailer is easy.  After they get it put back together, there are not lights on the rear and they have to trace that down or we can’t pull it safely.  Finely, six and a half hours after we pull into Mid America RV we are on our way again.  A few hundred dollars are missing from our wallet.  The trailer is pulling great, the brakes are stopping us and the lights work.  Patricia will miss NCIS.

We finally settled down in the Hotel in OKC and went to sleep about 11PM.  I am not a night owl. 

So, you ask what were the mixed blessings?  We did not lose a wheel or have an accident, or break down on the Turnpike.  We had a wonderful time with our friends, who have lost so much and still have a great attitude.  We found a great place to have our trailer repaired on the road.  I recommend them.  We arrived safely in Oklahoma City and we will be ready to set up today.  Finely, no snow and I did not have to put on a jacket all day.  What more could you ask for?

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  1. So glad you made it safely. Was so hoping to make it to the show, but unfortunately we won't this year. But, you will be receiving a quilt for the competition.