Monday, September 23, 2013

Portland to Sacramento


Another show has come and gone.  This one was a little different from other shows because we changed our method of travel.  You will remember a few weeks ago we drove to the show in Tacoma, WA, now that was an adventure with the truck breaking down.  When we finished the show we left the truck and trailer behind.  We went to the Seattle airport and flew home.  You have to think about leaving your truck and trailer 2200 miles away with people you really don’t know and hope everything will work out.

Well a week ago we flew back to Seattle.  I found an airline I will never fly on again. My few words of advice are Frontier is terrible.   The hotel picked us up and we retrieved the truck and trailer, spent the night, got up early and drove to Portland and did the show there.  We also picked up our supplies from the last West Coast Independent Contractor.  So the trailer is full.  We already had a lot in the trailer because it will not go home for another month.  It is really full now.  If you live on the West Coast and think you would like to do shows for Quilter's Rule contact me.

While in Portland we were asked if we would come back in a few weeks to do the machine show.  But alas this was our one show in Portland this year.  So if you missed us in Portland, the internet is still available.  There are so many shows in the same locations next year we have decided to only do one show in a Metro area.  The market can only be sliced and diced so many ways.

Yesterday we got going about 8 am and drove south to station the truck and trailer for PIQF in October. We went by the land my In-Laws owned, it has all changed. Everything is gone and a Walnut Orchard is in its place. All things change.  Today we will visit with my brother and then take the train to San Francisco to take an early morning flight to Milwaukee by way of Houston.  Except for baggage charges I am not sure I understand how airlines work.