Monday, November 11, 2013

Last post in 2014

We are home after three weeks on the road!  More importantly we are unloaded and the truck and trailer are empty.   We have our 4 hour warehouse sale on the 23rd of November and then we are through with shows for the year. I am certainly glad to be home after this last run.  The Suburban is home for the first time in three months and needs an oil change and it has accumulated 381,700 miles on the odometer.  The vehicle is running fine, but is going to the shop this afternoon.  Came through the Missouri Ozark Mountains just fine, we stopped in Ava, MO to teach a class on the way home from Festival.  And we are home until mid-January 2014, reflecting on how we will approach 2014.

This has been a year for change.  The country is in turmoil over health care, this week the stock market has reached new highs, but in my opinion most Americans are worried about their future. Closer to home in the Quilting Industry, there has been an explosion in the number of shows in many markets.  It appears that the explosion will continue at least into next year and the following year.  Many markets that have not had a major show in the past will have several in the future for at least as long as the investment money holds out.  It will be interesting to see which of the show promoters survives this expansion.  I think it is reasonably certain that not all the new and old shows can survive in their present configuration.

Let me talk for a few moments about just one market, Chicago!  If you define a market as a circle with a radius of 300 miles, the maximum distance most people will drive to attend a good show.  Then consider all the shows that fall within that circle.  Quilts Inc. will have a show at Rosemont, Original Craft and Quilt will hold a show in Schaumburg and Tinley Park, AQS will hold shows in Grand Rapids, MI and Des Moines, IA, additionally Paducah, KY falls just outside that radius.  Nancy’s Notions has a show in Madison. WI, MQT has a show in Oconomowoc, WI. MQX is putting a new show in the original home of MQS, Springfield, IL.  Plus within this circle of influence are numerous local guild shows.   So I ask the question is it possible to have too many shows?

In the current economic times, the pie is no larger than it originally was before the proliferation, most people will not or cannot go to all of these shows and spend like they would if they only attended one show in a market.  I think many quilters will go to several of the shows, view the quilts and spend less money with the vendors at each the various shows they attend.  So if the shows can keep attendance up, the biggest loser becomes the vendors because their costs will not decrease.  To accumulate the same amount of revenue in a market their cost will increase as they will have to attend more shows.

I see three losers in the next several years.  The vendors will lose because their costs will increase without an increase in revenue.  Many of the veteran vendors I know are considering discontinuing shows.  Many will be forced to choose which show they will do in a market.  In my opinion that is the prudent choice.   The next loser will be the shows.  The weaker shows will close quickly.  Just this week I received notes that shows in Tacoma, WA and Portland, OR will not be having a show next year.  The final loser will be the folks that attend the shows.  Consolidation of the industry could mean that the biggest, best financed survive and shows will be done, by the folks that are least friendly to vendors and the industry.

I would rather this not sound like sour grapes and I hope it does not.  Quilter’s Rule has made the decision to do one show in a market.  I will determine which show to do based on several factors.  First and foremost, will the promoter allow my company to attend the show?  As a few feel we have nothing to offer the industry and are more trouble than we are worth, and perhaps we are a bit of a problem.  After the obvious and based on historical numbers, which show is apt to give Quilter’s Rule the best return on the dollars spent.  And sometimes the best is not always the most expensive.  Lastly, I think as a vendor in this for the long term I owe a bit of loyalty to the promoters who have helped us along the way and have listened when I had a problem or a concern.

This is an industry best served by cooperation among all members.  That said Quilter’s Rule will start the year at Road to California, Carolyn puts on a great show, one of the best.  Then we will move to Phoenix and do the Rusty Barn show.  Eric and Chris have done a great job of building this market.  Beyond that you will just have to wait while I finish my plans, because they will be different than last year. 

Since we are not doing anymore shows away from home this is my last blog of the year.  I wish you a Happy Holiday Season.  Let all start with a great Thanksgiving and then a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Enjoy your Holiday Season and keep safe until I next see you.

Can’t believe I have written this for two years.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Last Day of Market

Wow, today is the last day of Quilt Market.  It has been several years since we were last here with a booth.  This year at least the name tags identified attendees with buying power for their companies.  It is still amazing how many people think they should be able to purchase one piece at wholesale pricing.  But my thanks to the staff of Quilt Market for helping us identity buyers from the lookers and retail customers. It made for directing the conversations in a right manner easier.

We came to Quilt Market to sell a new store program.  Initially very expensive, but has the potential to save the individual store hundreds of dollars each year.  Look for a full scale roll out of this program in the coming weeks with subtle changes.  We also came prepared to sell to the consuming public.  We have been able to pick up several new stores and a new overseas distributor.  That makes the Quilt Market part of the trip a success. The retail business we have done in two days has paid for the booth and most of our other expenses so that makes the whole endeavor a success.  Of course that means I will probably be back sooner rather than later and will be looking at Spring Market.

I have been able to find several new products that should be complementary to our current product line up and I have had time to review some older products we have not carried in several years.  Some of those will be added back into our lineup of products.

Tonight is tear down for many.  I am going to dinner and worry about setup for Quilt Festival on Tuesday.  Tear down is still a week away.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Milwaukee to Santa Clara


Here I sit in Santa Clara wondering why my recent trips to the west coast have been a little more difficult than normal.  If you don’t understand review my blog about the trip to Tacoma and the flight to Seattle to go to Portland.  Enough said on those two trips.

Today is Tuesday and I left Sunday morning from Milwaukee 5:50 early morning flight on a United flight to Houston.  To do that I need to be up at 2 o’clock to leave at 3 o’clock to check in and go through the TSA check in.  Which in itself is not too bad but I did not get to sleep until midnight and then overslept and woke at 3 AM.  So now I am tired and late and if I hurry I can still make it because I built in a little extra time.

Check in at General Mitchell Airport went well I was even Pre checked in by TSA even though I have never applied for it. I guess they mixed me up with another Jim Simons (the really rich one).  So much for government efficiency, it’s a good thing I am not a bad guy.  We took off for Bush International on time, arrived on time and called to tell everyone on the west coast we were leaving on time.  The calls were probably the big mistake.  We did grab a breakfast sandwich and eat it while we were waiting to taxi out for takeoff.  Everything is going just great, but…… 500 feet out from the terminal we stop and the Captain announces a medical emergency and we have to go back.

By the time they got the gentleman off and restocked the medical supplies used we had used up an hour.  Ok I had still built in a little extra time and we would still arrive in Sacramento in time for dinner. 

The flight went great, I got to watch two movies I have been waiting to see and they only cost a $110 each, but that made the flight free.  We arrived in San Francisco and the plane is late and they have been telling nervous passengers that some flights had been held but they would have to hurry.  The plane pulls up to the jet way but they can’t find anyone to move the jet way against the plane.  That simple task takes almost 15 minutes.

We are finally off the plane in the International Terminal and we have to walk over to Terminal 3 to get our checked bags then walk back to the International Terminal to catch the BART Train to Richmond.  We are going to miss the last train I had hoped to catch to Sacramento.  Oh well there is another train about anhour later but I need to call and tell everyone I will be late.

We get to Richmond and we have to wait for the next train.  About half way through the wait they announce the train is delayed.  OK this is getting serious. We have not eaten since 8:30 in the morning, there is nothing to eat at the station and the train is late.  Five minutes before the delayed train is supposed to arrive it is cancelled and we are told to wait for the next train.  Another hour and 45 minutes.  We are going to be seriously late.  More calls. I am really hungry since it is now 4pm in a time zone 2 hours later than the one I started in. I have slept only 3 hours in the last 36.  So I am looking down every street I can see from the train depot and I spot a deli.  I am out of there and get a sandwich, chips and cookies to split with Patricia. 

Four hours after I had planned to arrive in Sacramento we arrived, and my brother and his granddaughter were waiting for us.  Finally things are coming together.  Dinner is waiting, but one of my nephews had to leave to be at his job early Monday morning.  The good news is we finally caught up with him today and he was able to have lunch with us. 

And here we are in Santa Clara ready to set up early tomorrow.  Maybe things will get better. I would say they can’t get worse but they might if I do.  It will be a good show.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Portland to Sacramento


Another show has come and gone.  This one was a little different from other shows because we changed our method of travel.  You will remember a few weeks ago we drove to the show in Tacoma, WA, now that was an adventure with the truck breaking down.  When we finished the show we left the truck and trailer behind.  We went to the Seattle airport and flew home.  You have to think about leaving your truck and trailer 2200 miles away with people you really don’t know and hope everything will work out.

Well a week ago we flew back to Seattle.  I found an airline I will never fly on again. My few words of advice are Frontier is terrible.   The hotel picked us up and we retrieved the truck and trailer, spent the night, got up early and drove to Portland and did the show there.  We also picked up our supplies from the last West Coast Independent Contractor.  So the trailer is full.  We already had a lot in the trailer because it will not go home for another month.  It is really full now.  If you live on the West Coast and think you would like to do shows for Quilter's Rule contact me.

While in Portland we were asked if we would come back in a few weeks to do the machine show.  But alas this was our one show in Portland this year.  So if you missed us in Portland, the internet is still available.  There are so many shows in the same locations next year we have decided to only do one show in a Metro area.  The market can only be sliced and diced so many ways.

Yesterday we got going about 8 am and drove south to station the truck and trailer for PIQF in October. We went by the land my In-Laws owned, it has all changed. Everything is gone and a Walnut Orchard is in its place. All things change.  Today we will visit with my brother and then take the train to San Francisco to take an early morning flight to Milwaukee by way of Houston.  Except for baggage charges I am not sure I understand how airlines work. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tacoma, WA

I have not written for quite a while.  I guess you would say I have been in a funk.  At any rate, there has been nothing to say for a while that I thought would cheer anyone up.  I really don’t know that there is a lot to say to anyone right now that would cheer anyone.  So what I have to say is not designed to do anything other than tell you what I think.  Please read the rest of this blog.

Quilter’s Rule is in Tacoma, WA at a show and we are readyl.  Getting here was a trial at best.  First there was the just over 2000 mile trip to get here.  Originally I had thought to just follow Interstate 94 to Interstate 90.  It is a bit further than just taking I90 but there was the bucket list reason, I could knock of 2 more states in my quest to drive through all 50 states.  Well now I have seen North Dakota and Montana.  Both are very long drives.  While in Montana I decided to take HWY 12 across from I 94 to I90.  I could make up the extra miles it cost to see North Dakota.  Everything went fine until the Suburban lost an idler pulley on the serpentine belt.   Lost the fan, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning and of course the engine over heated.   I am not in the middle of nowhere, but I am certain I can see it.

Not to worry, just call AAA and get towed to a garage to fix it.  Right!  I knew exactly where I was since I was standing next to the 102 mile marker on the Highway. Should be easy!  Well, it turns out that maps really only have useful mile markers on Interstate Highways and AAA doesn’t know where the mile marker is either.  That’s still OK because I know where I am and tell them.  Trouble is AAA can’t find a garage closer than Billings that can fix the car.  Oh, and even though I have towing service for a trailer, AAA won’t tow the trailer unless it has living quarters, because I purchased the service for my wife and her horse trailer if she broke down on the road.  Her trailer has living quarters.

Plan 2.  Call the office and have Karis do a search for auto parts stores near where we are stranded.  Since Patricia is burning her way through her cell phone battery at an alarming rate searching the web and I want to keep my cell which is half full for other possible calls we need to make to get out of this situation.  Well, Karis found a Napa Store with the part I need about 30 miles away.  So how does one get to a store 30 miles away with a broke down car? I am nearly positive there is no taxi service.

About now a rancher in a pickup pulls over and asks if we need help.  I explain what we need and where the part is located.  He asks, can I drive you to town and get it?  Strange why would anyone drive 60 miles to get a part for someone he has never met? But I say sure!   In the end we decide Patricia should go and I should stay with the car.  The situation does not seem good no matter who stays or who goes.  Anyway Patricia pulls off and I settle in to wait.  About 5 minutes later and I am regretting my decision Patricia is calling me and asking if I need antifreeze.  Come to find out the town I was looking for was not 30 miles away it is 2 miles away.  I could have walked.

The long and short of all this is with Jim’s (the rancher) help we put the car back together. We met a wonderful person.  It turns out Jim owns 12,000 acres, raises cattle and would not take anything for helping us. I realize I have lived too long in a place where I think of the bad first and the good too late.  I also realized I do not always know where I am.  It is time to rethink what is important. I have learned a lot on this trip.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tell me what you think!

I have just spent two day driving from Wisconsin to Utah for the Home Machine Quilting Show. When you are in a car for over 25 hours there is not a lot to do except read, think or drive. Oh, yes there is the inevitable snacking.  And I did see more snow on the ground than usual for this time of year.  The farmers are way behind this year.

Since you are not interested in what I snacked on or what I was reading, let me tell you what I have been thinking about!

There are a lot of new shows being announced and will be in the marketplace in the next two years. AQS and OCS have both announced multiple new shows.  Quilts, Inc. has reopened Chicago and MQX has announced Springfield.  Other shows like Quilting with Machines are closing citing too much competition.

1                   From the consumer’s point of view this is probably a good thing.  More shows offer more choice some will be in new locations and closer to their homes and they can get to the shows with less expense.  Will they spend those savings or pocket it? Will they attend more shows?  Will spending increase?

2                   From the vendor’s point of view there will be increased expenses to attend all these shows.  Some of them will be in locations that have been overlooked and that will be a good thing.  Will revenues increase sufficiently to justify the increased cost of attending more shows?  Will vendors attend more shows?

3                   The show promoters where locations double up might see dilution of attendance or vendors who cannot handle multiple locations or who do not want to return to the same area relatively soon after they were there previously.  If there are more shows with contests, will sponsors step forward with more money?  The logistics of moving quilts will get more difficult.

4                   The baby boomer generation will start to retire in earnest over the next 10 years.  The stock market is booming right now.  But there is a sense of uncertainty that has depressed consumer confidence and spending for years.

5                   The work force participation is lower than it has been in many years.  Where is all that money coming from to support these people? Taxes? Savings? Charity? Family?

6                   Our industry is not based on need, it is based on want.

I have formulated several scenarios of how this will play out.  Before I share them, I would like to know what your think?  So you can respond directly to this post or if you would rather have your identity preserved respond to my email at  Let's start a conversation.

I would like to know if you are a consumer, vendor or show promoter.  Personally I work on two sides of the problem as a vendor and a show promotor.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lancaster, PA

Where does time go?  Today is Wednesday and the show opens in a couple of hours.  Let me catch you up on the last couple of days.

Monday we traveled to Lancaster, with a stop in Chicago so they could pick up an 18 wheeler laying across all the east bound lanes.  Picking up the wreck turned the whole road in to a parking lot for several hours.  Finally got to an exit and we detoured around the wreck.  Downtown Gary, IN is not my favorite place.  Then it was off to Richmond IN to visit with a vendor who supplies us with mat material. 

We left home at 4:30 Am and it was now noon and it has not stopped raining.  In fact the entire drive was in the rain.  We should be thankful that the weather was in the 50’s.  It could have all been snow.  We accept our blessings for the little things in life.  We finally arrive at midnight.  Checked in, and got a short 6 hours of sleep.

Set up went very smooth.  But as most of you already know, the Host Hotel is not available for us for the next three years.  In fact for the next several year many of the hotels in Lancaster are tied up with events not associated with quilting at the same time we will be here.  So we are seeking a new home in Lancaster.  We believe we have found a new location but we have not signed a contract, so it is not in the bag. 

Met with some local leaders we will be working with next year.  We will be making an announcement about that shortly.  But today the show opens.  The quilts are great, the vendors are ready and don’t forget Friday evening for our Gallery Tour with the Curators.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Home from the MId-Atlantic

Well we arrived home yesterday after 16 days on the road.  Was the trip a success?  I think so. 

This trip out we did a retreat and the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival at Hampton.  Hampton was an interesting show.  There seemed to be a lot of people there, the number of sales were not down, but the total sales were off the mark a bit from last year’s average.  Many of the folks who live there are in one way or another connected to a pay check dependent on the Federal Government.  Sequestration has scared many of them to the point they were willing to come to the show and look around but not really ready to spend a lot of money.  Oh well, next year is another year.  And sequestration starts tomorrow and the news cycle will start reporting the world did not end.

We left Hampton and went to Lancaster to check on a few details for our show there this year and of course of the next several years now that AQS has signed on for three more years.  The dates they choose happen to coincide with the week that many Pennsylvania school children are in Lancaster and soak up a huge number of rooms in the hotels.   Should make finding lodging an interesting problem, for example the Host is full for next year already. 

Leaving Lancaster, we started to hit rain in western Pennsylvania and the wet snow started in earnest in Mid-Ohio.   We were just inside the Indiana line when we pulled in to a rest stop and realized just how much ice had fallen.  We slipped back onto the Toll Way and then exited at the next exit to sit the rest of the storm out.  Well it was still snowing the next morning but the salt was working and the roads were in much better shape, plus everyone has slowed down a bit.  So we were home by 1:30 PM. 

Saturday it is off to Iowa for a wedding.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hampton, VA

Just put the finishing touches on the booth in Hampton, VA.  For many of our friends this is their first show.  Not sure what it make me feel like since this is our fourth since the New Year.  It was a little cool this morning, but now it is sunny, windy and about 50 degrees.  In about three hours we will need to be back over for the preview. 

We are looking forward to a good show.  There was TV advertising on this morning.  So maybe!

Our Quilts of Valor Challenge is hanging at the front of the 400 row so go by and take a look.  I will try to post some pictures later on this evening.  Stand by!  Don’t miss out check out for the rules for this year. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Raliegh, NC

Saturday Patricia and I finished a Quilt Retreat with Memory Lane Quilting at Greenbo Lake State Park, KY.  I was not expecting too much and was pleasantly surprised by the response to our products.  Just 16 participants and three teachers, but everyone got personalized attention and they had all their questions answered.  That made everyone happy.

Sunday we drove over the West Virginia mountains and down and east to Raleigh, NC.  We had it all, rain, snow and wind, then sunshine.   About 100 miles from finishing we found a Girl Scout Troop selling cookies.  Add milk and we had a late lunch. Really healthy and all that!  But it did bring out the sunshine even if it was a bit cool.  Not cold by our standards, but cool enough to need a jacket, which I forgot to bring on this trip.  But I brought two on the last trip and never put them on so go figure.

Today we are in downtown Raleigh sitting in Starbucks hoping it will warm up enough for a stroll around the city center.  Since there are trees blooming this cold snap has to be unusual.  At least there is no snow on the ground, just some ice in the shady side of buildings.

This afternoon we will head for Hampton, VA for the MidAtlantic Quilt Festival.  Then home for a week before the Lancaster Spring Quilt Show.

Raliegh, NC

Saturday Patricia and I finished a Quilt Retreat with Memory Lane Quilting at Greenbo Lake State Park, KY.  I was not expecting too much and was pleasantly surprised by the response to our products.  Just 16 participants and three teachers, but everyone got personalized attention and they had all their questions answered.  That made everyone happy.

Sunday we drove over the West Virginia mountains and down and east to Raleigh, NC.  We had it all, rain, snow and wind, then sunshine.   About 100 miles from finishing we found a Girl Scout Troop selling cookies.  Add milk and we had a late lunch. Really healthy and all that!  But it did bring out the sunshine even if it was a bit cool.  Not cold by our standards, but cool enough to need a jacket, which I forgot to bring on this trip.  But I brought two on the last trip and never put them on so go figure.

Today we are in downtown Raleigh sitting in Starbucks hoping it will warm up enough for a stroll around the city center.  Since there are trees blooming this cold snap has to be unusual.  At least there is no snow on the ground, just some ice in the shady side of buildings.

This afternoon we will head for Hampton, VA for the MidAtlantic Quilt Festival.  Then home for a week before the Lancaster Spring Quilt Show.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Between Shows

This blog has been hard to write this year.  Yea, I know you have heard this from me already this year.  But I think I am getting over it.  I want to show you why.  These flowers were waiting for me when I arrived home. 

The first two shows this year, Road to California and the Rusty Barn Phoenix Show were much better  than last year.  That of course makes me feel better.  But the 1700 mile drive from Phoenix to the plant was a bore.  On the other hand, nothing on the vehicle broke!

We are home this week but next week we leave for Greenbo Lake, KY for a longarm retreat at the resort at Greenbo State Forest.  We will be helping the Nolting dealer for a few days putting on the retreat.  If you want to have some fun and get a good close look at a Nolting, without a lot of people watching over your shoulder or you just want to come and attend a class or two.  We will be having a great time.  Of course our products will be there for sale along with the Noltings. 

After Greenbo we are off to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  We hope to make three in a row that are better than last year.

Come visit us at Greenbo or at Hampton.

Friday, February 1, 2013

In the Desert

Phoenix, AZ
We finished up Road to California and headed for Phoenix.  We stopped at Palm Springs and visited Indian Canyons.  I had seen a segment on TV about the canyons and thought it would be nice to visit and see it for myself.  If you are interested in how primitive peoples existed in the desert you will find the trip interesting.  The canyon is remarkable.  Water was flowing quite rapidly but a half mile away there was no evidence of it in the river bed. The date trees ended and the water simply sank into the sand.   The Indians that lived there were restricted to the local area to find food and shelter.  But they had water.  Water is so critical in that area.  Looking down from the canyon to Palm Springs makes me wonder what would happen to all the people if the power grid failed and water became scares.
We have finished up the first day in Phoenix.  We have a new location near the front door.  Sales the first day were on the high end of normal.  The difference between our first two shows is pretty significant.  But we have two more days and then we head for home for a week.   It is about the coolest Phoenix show we have had.  But I will not complain since at home the weather is in the single digits and my home driveway is a block of ice.
Last night we had dinner at our favorite dive in Phoenix.  It is a small Mexican Restrauant on Mc Dowell just west of 27th.  It is called Sinanola?  I can drive there just keep forgetting to get the address. If you are here you should try it.  Just don't expect the waitress to speak English.  Spanish is the language of the day.
Knock on wood the truck has operated flawlessly so far on this trip.  I am so looking forward to getting home.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Starting a new year


Ontario, CA

Road to California is one of our best shows of the year.  This year it is also our first show of the year.  Getting going has been an issue since I started loading the trailer.  Normally we warm up for this show with a show in Oklahoma.  But this year and the next year that show will not be the week prior to Road.  Each year after a couple of months off from show, not from work it seems you have to retrain yourself not to make mistakes and forget things.  Patricia and I have check sheets and lists of items we need to take.  All so the little mistakes can be avoided. 

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.  It started just after we left on our 2000 mile drive to California.  We were filling the truck with gas in Beloit, WI and my wife called to tell me I had left my overnight bag on the couch.  OK no big thing except it had my prescription medication that I am supposed to take morning and evening.  Again I can control my blood pressure for a few days without it, right!  Sure I can, sitting in a car what could be upsetting.  Besides, we were far enough from home that the cost to ship it to me was less that the cost to turn around and go back and start all over. 

All was fine and we headed for Wichita, KS.  From my house it is 14 hours to Wichita.  For Patricia and I it should be a relatively easy trip home after MQS in May.  Spent the night in Wichita and then I remembered why I needed my overnight bag.  No toothbrush. No comb. And you don’t need to know all the other things I needed.  Now it was look for a Wal-Mart or Kmart or someplace to buy a few things.  Going southwest out of Wichita, if you go too far you don’t find a lot.  We did find a stretch of road where there were not services of 75 miles.  Well, this part of the trip ended well because it ended in Albuquerque, NM with Virginia and Mike of Creative Curves, for a great meal and good conversation.

Next day we got up and headed west again.  If you really love the high desert I suppose the trip is interesting.  I grew up in a desert and I like rain even the frozen stuff.  So if I could skip it this part I would be happy.  About 50 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ is a hole in the ground, called Meteor Crater.  Can’t tell you how many times I have driven past it on other trips.  Since we only planned on driving to Kingman, AZ for the night we decided to take a little detour.  Everyone should see and think about how small the rock was that made that hole and how big the hole is.  Enough said.

Now after Flagstaff, AZ we were on the downhill part of the trip and gas mileage improves for a while.  Coasting downhill is so much easier than maintaining speed uphill.   The rest of the trip that day was uneventful and we had a good rest in Kingman.  Next morning we got up and were having breakfast when in walks Cindy of the Stencil Store.  It is wonderful to be traveling and bump into others in our industry.  There are so many hotels there are so many miles and we all start from so many different spots.  We had a very nice conversation and compared notes on our shows in March in Lancaster, PA.  Plans are moving forward nicely. 

Next stop is Barstow, CA.  I have a family obligation in Barstow.  My parents are buried there and I stop each year to place flowers on their graves.  Our next stop is the truck stop in Apple Valley where we got our Suburban and Trailer washed.  Look for it in the parking lot at Road to California. Finally, we were on our last leg into Ontario.  Then Murphy struck again.  I left my laundry bag in Kingman.  Don’t worry,  it’s on its way.  It should be here tomorrow.

I must be getting old and have CRS.  See everyone at the show.  Let’s help the economy get better.