Monday, October 28, 2013

Last Day of Market

Wow, today is the last day of Quilt Market.  It has been several years since we were last here with a booth.  This year at least the name tags identified attendees with buying power for their companies.  It is still amazing how many people think they should be able to purchase one piece at wholesale pricing.  But my thanks to the staff of Quilt Market for helping us identity buyers from the lookers and retail customers. It made for directing the conversations in a right manner easier.

We came to Quilt Market to sell a new store program.  Initially very expensive, but has the potential to save the individual store hundreds of dollars each year.  Look for a full scale roll out of this program in the coming weeks with subtle changes.  We also came prepared to sell to the consuming public.  We have been able to pick up several new stores and a new overseas distributor.  That makes the Quilt Market part of the trip a success. The retail business we have done in two days has paid for the booth and most of our other expenses so that makes the whole endeavor a success.  Of course that means I will probably be back sooner rather than later and will be looking at Spring Market.

I have been able to find several new products that should be complementary to our current product line up and I have had time to review some older products we have not carried in several years.  Some of those will be added back into our lineup of products.

Tonight is tear down for many.  I am going to dinner and worry about setup for Quilt Festival on Tuesday.  Tear down is still a week away.

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