Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Answer to December 7th comment

A few days ago I received a comment on my blog.  Honestly, at first it really pissed me off, then I thought about it and now I just think it deserves an answer even if people do not agree.  It’s called conversation.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Few Thoughts to End the Summer"…
So a failed show gives you the authority to tout one over the other. Who died and left you in charge?

Posted by Anonymous to Travels with Quilter's Rule at December 7, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Here are my thoughts:

First and foremost, no one died, unless you count the many vendors who have given up because it is no longer viable for them to continue with falling attendance, decreased revenues, and increased costs brought on by a changing world in which there are too many shows.  Or maybe you could count the shows that won’t happen next year because show managers created too many too close together in time and location and have called it quits.  It least a few of them have recognized the situation they are in and have made a difficult decision.

Absolutely no one left me in charge. I enjoy the position I have due to hard work, a willingness to invest personal fortune in my dream, and a stubborn refusal to quit when things get tough.  No one has to do a thing I suggest, I hold no great power to force people to do what I want. 

On the other hand, I have an absolute right to say what I think is good and bad in our industry, as does everyone who works in our industry.  No one has to listen, that is your absolute right.  On the other hand, I think I bring a different perspective to the conversation because I own a company, I am a vendor, I am an attendee at certain shows, and I have been a show manager.  There are others just like me, but not everyone is willing to have the conservations I have and be willing to put up with the criticism in a public forum or take the financial hit to make a point.

Yes, I started a show because I wanted a machine show in the Upper Midwest.  I got more than I wanted.  There are now two shows left,  instead of three.  Being optimistic I guess you could say my glass is over full; because I don’t have to do all that work next year and I will be home in bed the evening Machine Quilter’s Showcase ends.

I still want just one really great machine show in the Upper Midwest. I will always work towards that goal. That is how I maximize my company profits with the least expenditure of money and effort.  I am sure some would call me greedy, selfish or some other unsavory term.  Will not be the first time or the last.  I will continue to work hard, earn as much as possible and enjoy what I do.

Finally, I will continue to advise my readers and customers of which shows I think are the best for them to attend to get the most value for their hard earned money.   Coincidently, you should suspect they will be the shows which show management has not refused to allow my company to attend.