Friday, February 1, 2013

In the Desert

Phoenix, AZ
We finished up Road to California and headed for Phoenix.  We stopped at Palm Springs and visited Indian Canyons.  I had seen a segment on TV about the canyons and thought it would be nice to visit and see it for myself.  If you are interested in how primitive peoples existed in the desert you will find the trip interesting.  The canyon is remarkable.  Water was flowing quite rapidly but a half mile away there was no evidence of it in the river bed. The date trees ended and the water simply sank into the sand.   The Indians that lived there were restricted to the local area to find food and shelter.  But they had water.  Water is so critical in that area.  Looking down from the canyon to Palm Springs makes me wonder what would happen to all the people if the power grid failed and water became scares.
We have finished up the first day in Phoenix.  We have a new location near the front door.  Sales the first day were on the high end of normal.  The difference between our first two shows is pretty significant.  But we have two more days and then we head for home for a week.   It is about the coolest Phoenix show we have had.  But I will not complain since at home the weather is in the single digits and my home driveway is a block of ice.
Last night we had dinner at our favorite dive in Phoenix.  It is a small Mexican Restrauant on Mc Dowell just west of 27th.  It is called Sinanola?  I can drive there just keep forgetting to get the address. If you are here you should try it.  Just don't expect the waitress to speak English.  Spanish is the language of the day.
Knock on wood the truck has operated flawlessly so far on this trip.  I am so looking forward to getting home.

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