Friday, February 8, 2013

Between Shows

This blog has been hard to write this year.  Yea, I know you have heard this from me already this year.  But I think I am getting over it.  I want to show you why.  These flowers were waiting for me when I arrived home. 

The first two shows this year, Road to California and the Rusty Barn Phoenix Show were much better  than last year.  That of course makes me feel better.  But the 1700 mile drive from Phoenix to the plant was a bore.  On the other hand, nothing on the vehicle broke!

We are home this week but next week we leave for Greenbo Lake, KY for a longarm retreat at the resort at Greenbo State Forest.  We will be helping the Nolting dealer for a few days putting on the retreat.  If you want to have some fun and get a good close look at a Nolting, without a lot of people watching over your shoulder or you just want to come and attend a class or two.  We will be having a great time.  Of course our products will be there for sale along with the Noltings. 

After Greenbo we are off to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  We hope to make three in a row that are better than last year.

Come visit us at Greenbo or at Hampton.


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