Friday, January 6, 2012

Final Preparations

So Quilter’s Rule has spent a rather short week finishing preparations for a month on the road and closing the company for 2011.  The trailer has been indoors getting new brakes in between all the laser cutting, injection molding and packaging of products.  Monday morning we will load the trailer and Suburban and hit the road.  In addition, this week we have had everyone in the office busy closing the company, gathering paperwork, and explanations of the numbers, and taking the paperwork to the accountant for his blessing and filing of partnership reports and taxes.  Each year we have a goal of being first to the accountant.  So are we ready to leave on Monday?  Who knows?  Due to a change in IC’s lineups we added a show in Denver the first weekend in February.  Hope it doesn’t snow!  Hope we have enough products!  It is going to be a great year.
I was asked to talk about new products in this blog, and we are introducing three new tools on this trip: The Nested Mini Right Triangle, the Nested Mini Equilateral Triangle, and the Square Chain tool.  The two triangles were requested by Dusty Farrell, and Patricia has worked on the Square Chain for about a year.  Actually Dusty will be using the Triangles at Road to California and Patricia will be demonstrating the Square Chain at all the shows.  Come by, say hello and ask for a demo.
The triangles are a continuation of our inside collection.  They are small tools that capture the foot of your machine, make pointed corners and offer the ultimate in control.  The Square Chain is a border tool that allows the creation of a myriad of designs, including a Southwest motif.  As we work with these tools we will post pictures on Facebook and send them back to the office for inclusion in instructions. 
My next big test is, can I actually use a Laptop and do this from the road.  No more full sized keyboard and that wierd square finger mouse.  We will see……..
And yes, we will be working this weekend!  In fact for the rest of Quilter's Rule, the weekend started 2 1/2 hours ago. 

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