Monday, January 9, 2012

On the Road Again

Patricia and I left at 2:30 this afternoon.  Unlike so many other January trips the weather is beautiful, 44 degrees, clear skies and not a snow storm in sight. I wonder when the hammer will drop. We are traveling south on I-55  and will spend the night near St Louis.  Tomorrow we will stop and visit with Richard and Sandy King.  They want to show us the devastation caused by the tornado last summer. I am not sure I will recognize Joplin after that terrible storm. 

Ok this laptop is officially hard to use bumping down the road.  My thumbs keep hitting the mouse and that causes the cursor to jump around. Will I ever learn?  Maybe I will wait until we settle down for the night to finish this post.

Right so we have settled down for the night in Pacific, MO at 10:00 PM.  Nice short day. We drove nearly 400 miles or almost half way to the first show in Oklahoma City.  Last year this area was covered with snow and it snowed all night.  Much nicer this year.

Oh yes, I have been posting pictures to my Facebook page to accompany this Blog.

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