Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday was set up day in Phoenix for the Rusty Barn show at the Arizona State Fair grounds.  Before we started we had to get some banking done.  Fortunately our local bank has branches in Arizona to serve all the Wisconsin snow birds.  At the start of set up motivation was difficult to come by.  On the other hand we completed in six and half hours.  Best time on this trip.  Maybe we are getting back in the groove after being off for almost two months.

Last night we had dinner at our favorite Mexican Dive in Phoenix.  We found it by accident a few years ago. We were tired, and it is just around the corner from our hotel. Up until this year we have had to deal with a menu that was in Spanish.  High school Spanish was many decades ago.  But this year there were English subtitles.  If you are in Phoenix it is called Sinola’s and is on McDowell near 27th Avenue.

The show opens today at 1 AM and closes at 5PM.  The weather here is absolutely wonderful.  Temperatures expected to be in the mid 70’s.  I don’t even tell my wife how nice the weather is during this set of shows.  No excuses for folks not to come to the show. 

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