Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day Three at Road

The show is starting an hour early today.  Yesterday when rain was forecast for this morning, a note was sent to all the vendors and an announcement was made the doors would open early to keep the customers out of the rain.  No, it will not end early.  I hope they come, but………..Just looked out and it is raining.

All things being equal this is normally the best show we do each year.  For us it is a little off of the best year we have had at Road.  We can hope that it will be better later in the show, but it is what it is and there is little we can do about what is.  People are spending a lot more cash than we are used to getting.  Maybe that is the result of the economy.  Folks are saving for the show and not just putting it on their credit cards.  In any case it is different and lower than previous years.

The crowds of people have been good.  There are plenty of quilters at the show.   Caroline always gets a crowd.  But like all shows toward the end of the day the people go away and the hall empties before the show ends.  Many are just tired, some have to go take care of their family, and many just want to beat rush hour traffic.

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