Thursday, January 19, 2012

Set Up at Road to California

Yesterday was one of those incredibly long days.  Up at 6 AM breakfast and off to the Ontario Convention Center for an unload time of 7:30.  Finished dumping the booth supplies on the floor about 9:00.  By that time we had discovered that two of our bookcases were broken and unusable.  I knew the road was rough but I did not think it was that bad.  On the other hand many of our plastic totes suffered damage also.

By 3 PM we had the booth set except for the books.  So back to the hotel to clean up, catch up on email, and the office, clean up.  Then we went shopping for a book case. After three stops we found a substitute, but we will have to assemble it.  Then we realized we had not eaten except for a half sandwich since Breakfast.  Okay, find a place to eat.  We finally settled on a Mexican place.  Not that is hard here.  Back to the hotel to get ready for the teacher meeting at 7:30. 

Caroline had a very nice meeting with the teachers.  Yes, there was lots of chocolate which improves any meeting. Back to the hotel at 9 PM, and the bookcase still needs to be assembled.  Guess what it can wait!    

Okay it is 5:40 AM and we can get into the Convention Center at 7:30.  I think all of you know what I am going to do this morning.  First thing!  Let’s all hope for a great day at Road to California. 

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