Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last Day for Oklahoma City

Yesterday was a second day of decent crowds at the show.  We were very busy in the morning and then things slowed a bit in the afternoon.  This is an interesting show because the first day is never the best day for sales.  Yesterday was much better than Thursday and we expect today to be about the same.  It’s like working a show in reverse.

Today will be a very long day.  Show starts at 10:00 AM but we need about an hour to restock and pull an order for Terry from Threads and More.  She carries lots of rulers and notions.  We carry extra stock just to restock our customers.  But I deviate from the discussion, the show will end at 5 PM and we have to inventory our product and reload into the trailer.  That is about a three to four hour job.  Over 90% of the vendors will be gone by the time we finish.  With a little luck we will be done by 8:00 PM, but more likely it will almost be 9:00 PM.  Then we will have to decide if we want to eat or just go to the room and get ready to drive tomorrow.

Patricia has a new program loaded on her computer.  It allows us to access the computers in the office and work like we were there.  Last night she prepared an invoice for Threads and More.  Normally the invoice would have to wait until we got back to the office.  Same thing applies for the show invoice.   We are going to attempt to invoice each show as we go so we are caught up when we get home. 

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