Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow is in the Forecast

Denver, CO

Set up in Denver was interesting.  Patricia and I have never done this show.  The company has done it with a Independent Contractor, with modest success.  We are looking at this show for 2013, because Road to California is moving a week later in the year and we need to have several shows to attend in order to make the run to the west coast a reasonably profitable trip. 

Does that make sense?  Let me explain.  Quilter’s Rule is 2200 miles from Ontario, CA.  It takes us 3 days to drive out. 1 day to set up 4 days of show and 3 days to get home.  11 days on the road with all the associated costs of gasoline, hotels and food eat up a lot of money.  Then add in booth costs and costs of goods, make the show hard to justify.  But add in a couple of extra shows and spread the costs of travel to them and increase your sales a bit and you make the trip very reasonable.

In addition there is a show in Denver in May when we travel to Salt Lake City for HMQS.  We can add in a show here then go to Salt Lake City, then back to Kansas City.  We can then make that a 3 show run instead of 2 and help both shows be more profitable.

Snow is in the forecast for late this evening.  I would suspect that today will be a good day at the show and tomorrow will have much less attendance.  Perhaps they will come on Saturday after the snow is cleared from the streets.  But people in Denver know how to drive in the snow, so maybe it will make no difference.  We will know what has happened on Saturday when the show ends and in the meantime, it is what it is.

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