Monday, February 6, 2012

Iowa City, IA

Iowa City, IA

I have a few minutes to bring you up to date before we hit the road again today.  The second day of the show was terrible.  No one’s fault.  No one can control the weather.  The snow fall was reported as the most in history for a February storm.  All but a few vendors were able to make it to the show.  Some of the students came for class and a few brave souls came to make purchases.  A long day.

The last day of the show was nice, attendance was up and sales returned, but did not make up for a lost day.  We will give the show another shot next year.  Our normal run of shows will not work next year because Road to California is moving its date.

Sunday morning we got up at 5AM and pulled out. Drove 750 miles more or less and ended the day in Iowa City.  Today we have a short 250 miles to drive and we will be home for a couiple of weeks.

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