Friday, February 24, 2012

Hampton Roads

I have not spoken to you for a couple of days. I would say I was in a funk and my daughter would say I was just in a rotten mood.  Well this morning I am feeling much better.  There is always a reason for everything.  Tuesday we took our truck in because the left front brake was dragging.

The first estimate was for over $800.00, and I was calculating how much we had to sell to make up that bill.  They wanted to put on life time parts.  Now I almost never do that but I decided that if they were going to warranty the parts for a lifetime I could deal with it.  Maybe the parts would be of a higher quality than the last ones.  When I told Patricia she remembered she had put lifetime brakes on the truck in California about 5 years ago.  Well okay where is the paperwork and how do we prove it?

Those of you who know Patricia know she never throws anything away and she carries way more than we need.  So out comes a file on repairs we have done to the truck and she hands me the bill from California.

Last night we picked up the truck and the final bill was a little over $400.  Not everything was covered; we still had to pay for the rotors.  But the bill was a lot less.  I owe her a huge thanks for keeping track of things of me.

Today we are going in a little early and take some pictures of the quilts.  We will post them on our personal Facebook pages during the day and later share them on the Quilter’s Rule page.  So watch our pages or the company page later tonight.  Remember we are on Eastern Time and we will most likely eat before we settle down on the computers tonight.

I am in a better mood and the weather here is wonderful

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