Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow versus Show

The first day of the show was nice.  Many people told us they came yesterday rather than today because of the prediction of snow for today.  I have no idea what traffic will be like today.  I am sure most of the people who have classes will try to come.  But you never know.

Any way school was closed by 9PM last night.  High temperature for today is going to be 27 degrees.  Burr!  I think it could be a very long day.  They are saying we will get 16 inches of snow.  Watching the weather forecast while doing this blog is discouraging.  Oh well,  I can’t change anything and maybe we can take turns doing some other work at the show.

We saw the draft of instructions for the Nested Mini Equilateral Triangle last night, so they should be up on the web site soon.

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