Sunday, March 4, 2012


Monday we pack the trailer and we leave on Tuesday for our next show run.  First stop is the Dallas Quilt show.  While the company has done the show several times, Patricia and I have never done the show.  It will take us a day and a half to get to Dallas.  We will be making a stop in Joplin to visit with Richard and Sandy King.  We will update everyone on the progress they are making on their new home.  
Dallas is a three day show starting on Friday.  We will be setting up on Thursday.  After Dallas we will leave Sunday evening on our way to the show in Lancaster.  We have to set up on Tuesday.  That means we have 1400 miles more or less to drive.   A couple of hundred miles to drive on Sunday night, 900-1000 miles on Monday, and couple of hundred more on Tuesday.  Early mornings and late nights will be the rule for a couple of days. Remember it takes us about 6 hours to set up.
Devlin will be leaving on Monday a week from tomorrow to fly to Erie, PA and ride with Dusty and Stephanie to Lancaster.   His job is to work with the decorator and curators of the exhibits to get the quilts hung.  He will also be checking in the vendors. So if you would like to help out come to the Host Hotel and Resort on Tuesday morning and volunteer.  We could use the help.
So what does all this have to do with the weather?  Almost everything!  If the weather does not cooperate we could be late for either or both of the shows.  On the way to Dallas we will be skirting the western edge of all the tornados that have been forming.  And the weather forecast is not exactly great for next week.  Then when we leave Dallas we will go right through the middle of the strike zone.  Looking forward to that trip is so thrilling.  We could go around the worst of the weather, maybe, but it would add about 300 miles.  Really not an option. 
On the lighter side, Patricia and I would love to meet you at the show in Dallas and the show in Lancaster.  Please stop by and tell us how we can help you and if you like the way we are communicating this year. 

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