Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Friends Won't Let Me Forget

 The show in Lancaster is over!  What a great success.  The exhibits were so beautiful and unique.  The weather was perfect, the vendors were great and the crowds were huge.  Just over 3300 unique visitors to the show so much larger than last year.  All the vendors were happy.  And the results were the same for Sue Ash and her show in the Continental Inn.

So here I sit at 5 in the morning.  Can’t sleep and waiting for Patricia and Devlin to wake up so we can head for home.   I am thinking I am the only one up and all my friends are wishing me a happy birthday.  Don’t any of you sleep or are we just a bunch of insomniacs?  So to all of you Thank You.


  1. Enjoyed the show, but have a few comments ...
    1. Signage was sparse and late.
    2. Information was difficult to get ~ had to ask 2 different workers at hotel where show was, and was directed the LOONNNGG way around. (not that I can't use the exercise LOL)
    3. This was my first time at a show at the Host. I had 3 hours to kill between classes, and no idea what to do. Had I known there was a vendor mall just across the street, I would have been VERY happy to help stimulate the economy. Alas, since I was alone, and a newbie to the show, i wasn't 'In the know' about some things and feel I really missed out.
    4. The exhibits were nice!
    5. I enjoyed my classes with Mindy.
    6. Happy Birthday!

    1. You are absolutely right. At best the hotel was difficult to deal with. We trusted them to do a few things and they fell flat on their faces. That will not happen again. We failed to get the word out properly. But will not make that mistake again. However I am sure there are others we can make. Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate the time you took to send them to us.