Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lancaster, PA

Let me catch everybody up.  We are in Lancaster, PA, at the Lancaster Spring Quilt show at the Host Hotel.  It is Wednesday morning at 5 AM.  We left Dallas at about 8 PM on Sunday.  The Dallas show was a great show as I have reported earlier, despite the fact it rained all day on Saturday and most of Sunday.  The clouds did part and the sun did come out late in the day and we were able to load out without getting everything all wet.  That made all the vendors in a better mood.

We drove to Texarkana, TX and spent 4 hours in a hotel room. Got up and drove 918 miles to Salem, VA.  Got to sleep for 6 hours because I did not hear my alarm and had forgotten to tell the hotel to give me a wakeup call.  Got back in the car and drove for 5 more hour to arrive at the Host Hotel to set up the show.  We finished setting up last night at 9 PM.  Checked into the hotel went down to the bar to meet a couple of people and were surprised to also find Mike and Virginia Walton who had come to see us.  They are doing the show downtown. 

Exhaustion set in after the second drink and we went back to the room to balance the till from the last day of Dallas and get some sleep.   Finally laid down about quarter to midnight.  I feel remarkable good this morning.

I hope all of you who are in and near Lancaster this morning will come to our show.  Please tell me if you are reading this.

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