Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dallas, TX

Set up today went very well a little over 7 and a half hours.  When we started the temperature was nearly 70 and the humidity was close to 100% since it was raining.  By the time we finished the temperature had dropped almost 30 degrees.  Anyway we finished and went and got cleaned up, had dinner at the Big Horn Brewing Company otherwise known as Humperdinks.  Building looks a lot like the Ram Brewing Company building in Portland, OR.  Food was good the beer was better after the first one went down. Normally the first is best.

We also found the local AMC movie theatre as we want to go see John Carter tomorrow when it opens.  We have choice of 3-D, D-Box and regular.  I must be getting old, we are getting the regular tickets.  I don’t even know what D-box is, but the told  us the seats move.  What is wrong with just watching a good Y chromosome movie.  Oh I know watching it with a good beer.

Then we found a Walgreens and tried to go back to the hotel.  Did you know it takes a long time when they close off and on ramps and build new roads?  I should have know there is almost as much road construction here as there is in Houston.  We know where all that stimulus money went.

Tomorrow will be a great day.   Rain is forecast, I know they need it here, but next week would have worked for me.  We will try to get in early to take and up load a few pictures of quilts.  We will not be able to transfer them to the Quilter’s Rule Facebook page until tomorrow evening.  So if you want to see them during the day check out my personal page and Patricia personal page.  We can upload to those pages from our phones.

I think a good night’s sleep is in order for me.

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