Friday, March 16, 2012

Day Three at the Show

 Well day two came and went and I have no idea how it passed so swiftly.  In two days we surpassed the attendance we had in four days last year.  And today we were over 1000 people for the day.  We are so happy.  Our shoppers were happy and spending money.  Our vendors are happy.  What more could you ask?

Tonight we are having Gallery Tours of the Quilts.  We have allowed people to come back.  The vendors are closed and the curators are here giving tours and talking one on one with folks interested in the history of the Quilts.  It is quiet, there are no crowds, and everyone is happy.

We will do this again next year.  Plan to attend.


  1. Will you be coming to HMQS? I signed up to take a templates class...and want to buy some--all inspired...right after class.

  2. We will be at HMQS, it is part of a three show swing. First Denver, than Salt Lake City, back to Kansas City and then home to start the first cutting of hay for the horses and cows. We are looking forward to the trip.

  3. Great post much appreciate the time you took to write this.