Saturday, May 12, 2012

Salt Lake City (Sandy)

This has been a particularly difficult trip for me.  Have not been able to get the Road Warrior Suit on or maybe it just does not fit.  To bring everyone up to date (I stopped writing here on Tuesday) what a difference a few days make.

We have been at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Sandy, UT.   What a great success this year.  We have not been able to get out of our booth to view the quilts or be able to put pictures on line.  I took one photo of the crowd coming in and then I put my head down and have been working.  After the show was over on Thursday there were a lot of people left in the hall so I quickly when over to check out the QOV bus.  It is being built – not finished - to transport disabled vets to appointments.  A good cause, please support it.  I did see a couple of the QOV quilts on the way back.  It breaks your heart and makes you so proud of the warriors that will eventually have these quilts.  I find it hard to understand why everyone who quilts does not help in this effort.

If you live in the Mountain States and have not been the HMQS, you should make plans to go next year.  Sorry but the show ends today.  If things slow down today, I will try and get out and post a few pictures.  After  4PM it will all be over and we can look forward to next year. 


  1. Congratulations! Glad you had such a great show.

  2. it was a great show wasn't it Jim. As the QOV rep here in Utah it was a lot of work to put something on at this scale with a national show. I been quilting for QOV for 5 yrs now and just hit 500 quilt mark. we raised over 8K and took in 90 QOV that got shipped out to zLandstul Army hospital in Germany and a MASH unit in Afganistan. still have 20 more to award here at home next month. But i know the feeling i did not even get a chance to get around to all the venders this year or see any quilts either.