Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kansas City (Overland Park)

I am beginning to understand how much I dislike driving across WY, NE and KS.  There are long distances with nothing to see except wide open spaces.  I know many of you live there and love it.  I just need my trees and rain. But I do thank the farmers and ranchers that live there and feed our great nation. 

Yesterday was set up day at MQS.  We are in the first row just across from Nolting.  We are trying something new a 25 foot in line booth.  It took forever for us to decide how to set up.  Normally we would set up the booth at the office to determine where everything should go.  But this time we did not do that very smart thing.  Instead we had to make all the decisions after we arrived.  Almost three wasted hours.  But by 7pm we were almost ready.  Just a little straighten up to do and we are ready. 

We were short a little on quilts to hang with 45 feet of wall space.   Thanks to Dusty and Stephanie for loaning us Garden Orbs, the Viewer Choice Award winner in Milwaukee two years ago.

Anyway, preview starts at 2:30 this afternoon.  Come by and say hello.  Shop a bit and let’s all have a good time.

Patricia and I are sorry we were unable to get more pictures at the show last week.  But we were so busy and had no time.  That is a good thing.  Thanks so much to all who shopped with us in Sandy, UT.

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