Sunday, May 20, 2012

Machine Quilter’s Showcase is Over

The last MQS in Overland Park, KS is over.  It was a smaller show then in previous years.  It is a little sad to see this change and I worry about next year.  My records show sales for our company dropped considerably after the move from Springfield, IL and it took several years to return to a new normal lower than it had been in Springfield.  On the other hand they had out grown the facility in Springfield and so the move resulted.  Thus I have serious reservations about next year.  But regardless of what I think the show will be in Witicha next year.  Oh, Well!

Today we are going to Spring Market which is also in town this weekend at Bartle Hall.  It has been a long time since we went to Market, and a first as a buyer only.  As many of you know we were a distributor of other peoples products for many years, but have not pursued that avenue for some time.  Many of our current customers have asked us to carry other items and we have resisted. 

Now we think it may be time to carry a select set of products that are not our own.  So off to Market we go.

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