Friday, May 18, 2012

At Machine Quilting Showcase

Preview and the first day at Showcase was a bit short of some previous shows.   It is not often I attend a show where I don’t feel comfortable leaving Patricia in the booth by herself and I get to go around and smooze with the other vendors and show staff.  But for the last two shows W have actually been busy most of the day.  Yesterday Patricia did have time to go get us an sandwich late in the afternoon and I watched the booth.  We were not going to have time to eat because of the auction for education.
Last night at the Auction they were able to raise over $11,000 for education, so I expect we will see lots of people who benefit next year.  And the money was raised on half the quilts auctioned last year.  The big winner was Baby Turtle Bay by Claudia Pheil, at $2400.  My thanks to Claudia for her donation to education.  The auction is such a great effort to help people and new quilters learn how to contribute to the industry. 
This year the IMQA can fill more of the many requests they receive and give complete scholarships to deserving people.  To all the bidders thank you for your generosity.  Come by the Quilter’s Rule booth and see the quilt I purchased for Patricia’s office door.   I think it fits.  Maybe I should post at picture you tell me.


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