Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quilts of Valor article in On Track

Last May Machine Quilting Showcase allowed us to present Quilts to veterans as the final part of the Quilter's Rule Tool Challenge.  For those of you who do not receive ON TRACK as a part of you membership to International Machine Quilting Association; or were unable to be at the first MQS show in Cedar Rapids, this is you opportunity to see the action.  You can read the article "Quilts of Valor at MQS" by Kathy Eubanks by following the link below:

As many of you know we lost a home for the Quilter's Rule Tool Challenge when we shut down the Machine Quilting Today Show in favor of the Machine Quilting Showcase in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Patricia, Devlin and I were so happy when Machine Quilters Showcase allowed Quilter's Rule to enter a partnership with them to provide a home for the Quilter's Rule Tool Challenge. 

Supporting veterans and for me especially the Vietnam War veterans is a special opportunity to see how men and women are affected when they are given a quilt and having someone thank them for their service.  For so many of these service members this is the first time they have been thanked for their service after they risked everything in a very unpopular war.

When I received mine I was stunned and was unable to speak for a while.  It changed how I thought about my time spent in Vietnam.  It is now 43 years since I came home from that war.  This year for the very first time I put on a cap that say Vietnam Veteran.  For me that was a huge hurdle.  Well a baby step is better than no step at all.  Now I own two caps!

So now is my time to ask for your help.  If you are touched by the article please go to the following link:

Enter our tool challenge and make a quilt for a veteran.  Say thanks to a veteran feel great about yourself.  If you make a quilt and will be attending MQS the year it is given away and you so desire I will invite you to the stage to help with the presentation.

Make your plans now to attend Machine Quilter's Showcase in Cedar Rapids, May 11 -14, 2016.  Take some classes, shop the vendors, attend the QOV presentation, stay for the auction and support the education efforts of MQS.  Have some fun.

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