Thursday, July 23, 2015

We need your help

Quilter’s Rule is negotiating with a contractor to build a new website.   We know that our current site is hard for some people to use.  We would like to make the site easy to use for the majority of folks who come to the site.  We further understand that we will never satisfy everyone, so we are attempting to satisfy the majority of users.
Under normal circumstances we only hear negative comments about our website.  When folks are satisfied they enter the site, make a purchase and leave. You can help by telling us what would make you positive experience even better.

We would like to know how you use our site. 
Why do you use our site?

How do you find items on our site?
What would make the site easier for you to use?

What do you look for when you go to a site?
What can we add to make the site better?

What should we remove from the site?
Thank you so much for your help!                                             

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