Saturday, September 22, 2012

Leaving Huron

Today is the last day of the Quilting with Machines show. At 3pm we will begin packing up our booth and getting set to start home.  Normally we would stay the night and start out tomorrow.  But there is a freeze forecast for Sunday night and I need to get home and do some work on Sunday before that freeze. 

The show is a bit slow for us this year.  We always want the shows to be bigger and better each year.  But that is just not going to happen with the economy the way it is.   Attendance is down but those who came and purchased seemed to spend on average more than last year with us.  The parking lot was never as full as in previous years.  That could be a function of other things going on at the resort. 
On the other hand a bit of good news.  We supplied A Touch of Thread with a full line of our products and they are now a Certified Store Dealer for our products.  You can get most Quilter’s Rule products from them.  Please support their effort to bring you the latest in machine tools and rulers. 

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