Thursday, September 20, 2012

Huron, Ohio

I have not written for some time.  Of course this blog is called Travels with Quilter’s Rule and I have not travelled for what seems like an eternity.   But it was just last month when we did the short hop to Oconomowoc for Machine Quilting Today.   I have gotten so out of the show habit.  We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, having left at 5 AM to beat the Chicago traffic.  We were successful and were on Highway 80 at 7 AM headed east in Indiana.  First thing I did was miss a turn and ended up headed for Detroit because I had the Garmin on shortest route instead of fastest.  Shortly after the first wrong turn Garmin dumped us off on highway 20 for a drive in the country.  We had plenty of time so I stayed on shortest for a while.  Through South Bend and on and on through towns and villages until I got tired of 30 MPH.  Finally decided to get on the interstate, pay the tolls and make up a little time. I had to pick the only entrance that was closed going east and was forced back onto side roads until we got to the next entrance.

Off subject but if you are traveling through Chicago, avoid buying gas, it is $4.23 per gallon.

Quilting with Machines started last night at 5 PM with a three and half hour preview.  Crowd was a little light but we did better than last year.   I am encouraged with those results, but they may be reflective of Patricia’s class earlier in the day.  I really like this show Dottie, Cathy and Jodie are so friendly and do a great job.  The Sawmill is a great private resort.  If you are in the area, stop by and visit for a while.

Birgit Schueller’s Licorice and Lace won Custom Quilting and Best of Show.  If you have not seen her work you need to come to the show.  Linda Taylor is here teaching and that does not happen often enough anymore so you have another  reason to drive to Huron.  You have three more days.

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