Monday, November 5, 2012

Ready to leave Houston

The whole Houston thing is over.  For us the crowds were good and willing to buy our products.  We ran out of some products, but not our most popular items.  I really never know what people are going to buy at this show.  Perhaps it is because they come from all over to attend the show and if enough come from one section or another it affects the buying patterns.

Some vendors complained the crowd was not as good as last year and I suppose that may be true considering Hurricane Sandy pounded the New York New Jersey areas just before festival.  I am sure more than a few were not able to fly out or were delayed.  Even several vendors were delayed and were not able to set up for preview night.  It is such a shame when that happens because booth space is very expensive and you need all the selling time you can get.

We tore down the booth last night and it only took 2 hour and 45 minutes.  We were away and at dinner with Sue and Jon of Patten that Quilt by 8PM.   Today we will put our personal stuff in the car and head for home.  We should arrive by Tuesday night.  Garmin says we are 1203 miles from my home.  I have already voted and on Wednesday when I wake up we will know who or president will be for the next four years.  I am so tired of this election cycle.

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