Friday, June 15, 2012

Columbus, OH

Set up at Columbus was really uneventful.  We had a long time to do it because we arranged to drop our stuff off at 5 pm and we were going to train a new person.  So we had 4 hour on Tuesday and 8 hours on Wednesday and we took the entire time.  Normally, it should take about 6 hours.   But then I had to talk to everyone.   Many just wanted to know about the recall election of Scott Walker in Wisconsin.  A few we have not seen for several months just wanted to catch up on the latest news as did I.

So we have a new person in the booth with us.  If you are reading this and will be at the booth, come by and meet Patty,  No not my daughter, a new Patty from Missouri. She is thinking about becoming an Independent Contractor for us.  She is a hard worker and catches on quickly.  Make her feel welcome.

Preview at the NQA show was and is like many previews, a waste of time and effort for the ;vendors,   The are very nice to everyone and provide an evening meal for the vendors, but the attendees are not interested in buying they come to see the quilts.  So let them see the quilts and let the vendors eat on their own.  Everyone would be happier.

The quilts at the show are quite beautiful and the display is great.  Sorry no pictures as my phone has decided to have a fit.  It will not send to my Facebook account.   I will have to take it in when I get home.  I don’t understand why they call it a smart phone.  In my opinion, mine is dumb as a cob., but only when I can’t make it work.  There are days I just hate technology.  I must be getting old, I sound like my father. 

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